The student is able to assist the Senior Pastor to reach others in the church with biblical and theological truth through the powerful medium of music.

Overall Reflection Statement:

For my competence in communication, I am submitting training videos recorded while serving on staff at The Heartland Church and filling in at Fellowship Bible Dallas. The keyboardist has a unique position on the entire worship team and staff of the church. Helping the transitions and different elements of the service flow together can be accomplished most effectively from the keyboards. Every preacher is different, from the cadence of their speech to the type of sounds they prefer. This requires a large musical knowledge base, and a very close relationship with the lead pastor. I am also very involved in the planning and order of the service, as more than any other member of the worship team, I am directly helping the flow of the service.

Learning Reflection:

As I developed and demonstrated a personal relationship with multi-Grammy and Dove award winning musician and pastor Dan Dean, the relationship has helped me grow immensely. Dan is one of a rare breed of professional gigging and recording musicians who are still able to serve in full time ministry and keep balance in his family life. The entire structure of Heartland Church ensures that Dan’s music career is a great help, and not a detriment to the church. I have learned that this is possible, and the results can be amazing. Through Dan God has brought me many connections which have helped my music career immensely, but also allow me to serve faithfully every Sunday .

Lifelong Development Statement:

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop my skills of playing behind speaking, and worship leading. The goal is not to be the center of attention, but to serve the head pastor most effectively.

Heartland Church Gear Setup

Heartland Church Service Closing w/ Dan Dean

Fellowship Bible Church Youth Worship